Training Tips
Your greatest wealth is your health!

  • See your results first and visualize your success, already! 

  • Track your progress 

  • Redefine exercise – holistic approach

  • Play your way through – find ways to motivate and inspire yourself.  Your results will be more visible to others before to you.  A complement from a stranger goes a long way!

  • Educate a new you – get a personal trainer to ensure you are “training” effectively and efficiently!

  • Learn the machines or lifting movement

  • Form & Function First – focus on quality as well as quantity

  • Connect mind to muscle BEFORE performing the movement

  • Last rep in the set should be released with control (on the negative) and be just as good as the first rep.

  • Abs are made in the kitchen. And so is the rest of you! Eating is a lifestyle – eat to live, versus live to eat (I get it…have you tasted my Mom’s chocolate chip cookies??)!

  • Good athletic shoes and training equipment – gloves, straps

  • Stay off the scale, stay off the scale

  • Stretch, stretch, stretch

  • Water, water, water

  • Rest, rest, rest

Most people feel intimidated by and in gyms today.  Unfamiliar equipment,

perfect looking people and metal “torture chambers.”  How do you use it?  

How does it work?  I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing.  

And we definitely don’t want to ask anyone, for fear it will confirm we don’t

know what we’re doing!

At Abb’s Muscle & Fitness, we focus on you!  So, we’re always watching

how our members perform their exercises and we may share techniques

for better enhancement or form improvement.  

We’re more than a gym, we’re lifestyle specialist using fitness as therapy

for wellness and encouragement for life success!

Contact Abbe today to begin your journey to a “new you!”  

It happened to us (over 50) and it can happen to you!


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